From Consumer to Producer

Phew! After months of thought and planning, our home Solar Electricity (PV) Panels are finally up and running – just days before the government halves the FIT (Feed-In Tariff) subsidy.

Choosing what to fit… and who to fit it

There are plenty of good online guides about choosing and siting your solar panels. To receive the maximum subsidy you can fit up to 4kWp of panels (about 20) – enough to fill the roof of a largish house. Obviously they have to be largely south-facing and unshaded for much of the day!

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Engineers do take showers

and save £410/year!

Even as I have taken successive steps to reduce my bills and my carbon footprint, a remaining guilty pleasure is my good long soak in the shower every morning. Somehow it’s essential to wake up slowly. So I have tried various low-flow shower-heads, and after a couple of appalling “cold mist” experiences, finally found an aerating shower head (the EcoCamel) that still felt good and claimed to reduce flow substantially. But just how much was it really saving us?

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