In 2013, whist still working at my previous startup AlertMe, I co-founded 1248 with Toby Jaffey. Our goal was to help drive horizontal interoperability in the Internet of Things, and the name 1248 simply reflected the fact that in IoT “scaling is a necessity”. Over the first couple of years we delivered several IoT projects, including HyperWeave the universal standards-based IoT gateway to ARM plc, and being technical lead for HyperCat the IoT standard. As we got to know tens and then hundreds of connected-product companies across the globe, in many different verticals, we discovered that at a certain stage they all suffered from the same problem that we encountered at AlertMe: once they’d completed their trials, they found scaling-up to be a completely different challenge. Scaling-up a connected-product business requires – in particular – excellent “device management”. So in 2015 we decided to focus on delivering an excellent solution to this device-management problem. In 2016 we launched our Alpha version of the DevicePilot service, and renamed the company to DevicePilot too, to reflect our focus.

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