The Splashpower team created the concept and original technology for “wireless charging” of portable mobile devices. Combining several challenging technologies which most engineers view as “black box” (electromagnetics, power electronics, control systems and thermal design), the resulting platform was described by many industry watchers and large OEMs as simply “magic!”.

I was a seed investor and then from 2002-2005 helped to create and protect the core technology, which was first in the world to demonstrate constant power transfer to multiple portable devices regardless of their position or orientation, and charging multiple devices inductively simultaneously, even with widely-varying power requirements. Unfortunately the company struggled to achieve mass consumer adoption (too early!). In 2005 I left to found AlertMe. In 2008 the investors decided enough was enough, the company was fire-saled (but went for $4.5m in the depths of the credit crunch), the IP went into what is now e-coupled, becoming the basis for the Qi wireless charging standard backed by 50-companies, and the brand-name is now used for something completely different!

Wireless charging is now shipped in millions of devices a quarter in this new market around the world, and is now finding its way into truly mass-market devices.

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