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I co-founded AlertMe with Adrian Critchlow. The vision for AlertMe is to keep all of us consumers connected with our homes, at all times, wherever we are. Because mobile phones have put us all online, and broadband has put our homes online, it seemed strange that we weren’t really connected to our homes. So we created AlertMe as a platform and service which does just that. It’s a home network connected via a hub gateway to a set of Cloud applications, making it easy for everyone to see and manage their homes from anywhere. This space has since come to be known as the “Connected Home” or “Smart Home” market, which is part of the Internet of Things. Rather than pursue a broad “Home Automation” approach for rich people and geeks, we followed a targeted approach of rolling-out specific applications for the mass consumer market, sector by sector, with a strong focus on Home Energy.

We seed-funded the company in 2006 and started building a world-class technology team in Cambridge. In 2007 we raised a £5m angel round, and in 2008 launched AlertMe Home Monitoring in the UK, B2C. In 2009 we raised £8m Series A and Adrian left the company to spend more time in Oz with his family. We then launched AlertMe Home Energy with Google and British Gas. In 2010 we landed Mary Turner as CEO to drive growth through rollout with Tier 1 telco’s and utilities. The company now has offices in Cambridge, London, Amsterdam, Germany and the USA.

UPDATE: In 2015 we sold AlertMe for $100m to its largest customer British Gas, allowing me to focus full-time on my new startup 1248.

2012 Talks

Verge London May 2012

2011 Talks

Releasing the value in Smart Homes
Shamengo Pionnier de la Semaine (mais oui!)
Making the Managed Energy Home a reality
CIR June 2011
Smart Homes 2020

2010 Talks

Smart Homes 2020
Heat 2010
How Home Energy will change ove the next decade – a consumer perspective
Smart Homes, Smart Living

2009 Talks

CBI interview
CUED presentation
CODE Smart Devices

2008 Talks

Home Energy Management

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