A Year of PV (corrected)

A Year of PV (corrected)

Click on the above link to download one year of 5-minute readings for a UK household with 4kWp of solar panels (mine, as it happens), running from 1-Mar-2012 to 28-Feb-2013.

It’s a 3MB CSV file designed for easy Excel import, with heading columns (datetime, generated, consumed).
“Datetime” is the moment of sampling in GMT.
“Generated” is instantaneous generation. This has been post-processed to calibrate to match what the Enecsys inverters report, and also to remove a spurious quiescent nighttime output due to poor power-factor.
“Consumed” is instantaneous pure consumption (i.e. what the house would have been consuming from the grid if it didn’t have PV).

From this granular data it is possible to work-out statistics like:

  • What is the total financial benefit of the PV array (FITs + electricity not imported)? About 9% return in my case.
  • How often and how much electricity is spilled unused to the grid?
  • What storage elements would be best value for reducing the spillage, e.g. what is optimum power of immersion heater element (1kW in my case), or how many car batteries is optimal?
  • What happens to the amount and duration of generation during summer & winter?

These kinds of statistics mostly cannot be worked-out using meter totals, they require a granular dataset like this.

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  1. Re: immersion heater element. Rather than changing this and putting it on some sort of timer, why not try a product such as SolarCache+ which throttles your standard 3 kW immersion at variable p.d. to match energy supplied to that which would otherwise be exported? http://www.solarcache.co.uk/ Am investigating for my own system…

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